“What is a cash practice?”

With added restrictions and obstacles from health insurance companies, more and more health professionals are dropping insurance and “going cash.” What this means for you is simple, easy (and yes, affordable) billing. What you pay at the end of your visit is what you pay: no unexpected bills in the mail. In a nutshell, Dr. Ross simply chose not to bill insurance companies for payment.

“So you’re a cash practice. Are you expensive? I can’t afford to not use my insurance.”

Our services are priced to reflect the average copay, so our patients don’t pay any more at our office than they would at a chiropractor who bills insurance. In fact, for patients with high-deductible insurance plans, our price structure is much more affordable.

“Do you only accept cash?”

“Cash practice” is a bit of a misnomer. We accept all forms of payment, including credit card, check, cash and HSA funds. We also accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance payments.